Loosie Grind (Eora) + Donna Hayze

Sat 13 Apr

Over 18 8PM$10
Event Completed

I want to see you move tonight; Turn out the lights, dancing is a human right.

—The Strike

Get on the floor, with DJs taking over Cathedral every Friday + Saturday night. 

From picking up DJing during the pandemic, to mastering her craft and signing to iconic Aussie dance label Club Sweat, we reckon the Eora/Sydney based creative is one to watch in 2024. 

As a DJ, producer and vocalist, Loosie Grind is ferocious talent in the local scene, and has been setting dancefloors across the country on fire with her infectiously rhythmic sound. 

At the tailed end of last year she dropped her second single with Club Sweat called ‘Aries’, a tribal techy jam that we reckon you’ll love.

Donna Hayze, a fervent music collector from Launceston, showcases her versatile style through her eclectic selections. With a belief that record collectors uncover secret histories, she seamlessly blends classic house, disco, esoteric ambient soundscapes, and far-reaching sounds, captivating listeners with her infectious energy.