Un-Scud Tassie Tour

Fri 12 Apr

Over 18 7PMfrom $18.5
Event Completed

Unscored hail from the streets of Naarm/Melbourne, bringing characters to life in the form of songs bursting with energy. A mixture of multiple genres, Unscored have been described as not boring, loud and even good. Expect songs about going to the Gym, Shelly Duval, Nose Pirates, and Alien Bounty Hunters.

Scud is a punk-rock five-piece that has been tearing up Melbourne’s music scene with their potent blend of anger, sass, and silliness. Their short, sharp songs pack a punch with biting lyricism and roaring instrumentation. Best enjoyed live, Scud blurs the boundary between punter and performer, encapsulating the crowd with their infectious energy and always getting the blood pumping.

Wöølworths\\Flushot's music is distinguished by its quick-paced rhythms, distorted guitars, and violent lyrics, drawing inspiration from the unfiltered intensity of punk. Their music is a combination of traditional punk and rock components that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the sub-genre.