Grim Rhythm w/ ISUA, Uncle Geezer & Legal Noise

Fri 04 Oct

Over 18 8PMfrom $17.5

Grim Rhythm


Uncle Geezer

Legal Noise

Back from the depths, Grim Rhythm resurrects their original three-piece lineup to keep the spirit of rock 'n' roll ablaze. Originating a decade ago in the mystical forests of Melbourne's outer west, this instrumental rock trio returns with renewed vigor and fresh music, delivering their signature hard-hitting sound. 

Since their inception, Grim Rhythm has captivated audiences with their powerful live performances and innovative compositions. Their music, a fusion of raw energy and melodic finesse, draws inspiration from the rugged landscapes and diverse cultures of their hometown. 

After a brief hiatus, Grim Rhythm's reunion promises to reignite the flames of their loyal fanbase and attract new listeners with their unmistakable blend of grit and groove. With new tracks that echo their journey and evolution, Grim Rhythm stands as a testament to Melbourne's thriving rock scene and their unwavering dedication to keeping the essence of rock 'n' roll alive and kicking.